Custom Design - a unique and personal textile design for your company

The Custom Design can be based on your company's logo, identity colour, or an aspect that represents your company’s procedures and values. You can submit your ideas for a pattern or review suggestions from our designer. The Custom Design work is done in co-operation with designer Henna Mantere (Master of Arts).

The production of our Custom Designed products is as follows:

  • The customer chooses a product type.
  • Ideas for the design will be discussed. Our sales representative forwards the design proposal to the designer, or the designer speaks directly to the customer.
  • The designer designs 1-2 drafts and delivers them to the customer via a sales representative.
  • Should the customer approve the draft, a proof weaving will be done with selected colours after which the proof weaving is sent to the customer.
  • After a confirmation from the customer, the product is ready for production.
  • The customer receives the finished Custom Designed product.

See our references and order our brochure here: Custom design gallery