Embroidery—personal decorations thread embroidered in the fabric

In the manufacturing stage the logo, emblem, picture etc. is woven on the fabric; the result is well visible – or conveniently invisible – and permanent pattern. Embroidery’s visibility can be adjusted by using an appropriate embroidery colour. Using identifying colours of the gift giver in the textile brings the gift giver to mind when the product is used.

Embroidery is usually used:

  • On the left side of the chest in bathrobes
  • On the down right corner of the bath towels
  • On the pockets of the wrap towels

When ordering products with embroidery write the text you want embroidered in the comment box of the shopping basket (e.g. ’Dorothy’ or ’Matt 50’). If you order several products with different embroideries, please state clearly which text belongs to which product. Please make sure to confirm the correct size of the person to whom the gift will be given, as the embroidered products cannot be exchanged or returned. We will gladly assist you with selecting the right size.

If there is anything unclear about your order details, we will contact you.
We want to ensure you will get the correct products right away!